HH Agency – Sterling Insurance a rip off

February 22, 2017

  Horrible company. Wouldn’t pay me my money after uninsured motorist hit me even though I have that coverage. For a whole year they didn’t pay or answer my telephone calls.  When I finally got in touch with an agent,  he said there is no maximum time limit and that until he got in touch with the other driver and confirmed they did not have insurance at the time of the accident, HH Agency would not pay me.  Finally I contacted the Better Business Bureau and within a week I got a check in the mail.   However, as payback goes they jacked my rates from $67 a month to $75 even though the accident was clearly not my fault.  I should have changed companies then when I realized this company lacks character but I was too lazy, this was my big mistake.

  Recently my car died so I bought a good used 2010 Pontiac Vibe and while registering the car at AAA, I got a quote from them($130 first payment then $117 for a year).   It’s important to note that AAA are not known for bargain priced insurance. I told HH Agency that  I sold my old car to the junkyard and purchased another car in its place.  I asked HH Agency for a quote thinking the simplest way would be too stay with the same insurance and just switch cars.   However, their quote was a ridicules $20 a month more than AAA($137 a month) plus the first payment had to be a whopping $180! So instead of staying with HH I canceled my policy and switched to AAA. Now, I get a letter from HH saying I have to pay $50 fee for early cancellation because my policy ends on 5/05/17.


Steer away from HH Agancy AKA Sterling Insurance.    They may seem to offer the lowest price but look carefully at what you get.   On a point for point match up, they can’t even offer a lower price than AAA.  Also, customer service is none existent.


Ebay Customer service Cheap! Unbelieveable Penny pinchers! Don’t sell on Ebay!

June 25, 2014

Recently I sold an item on Ebay.   I used their built in UPS shipping calculator which came out to $43 for the buyer.  I went to print out the shipping label but it now cost $63!  I called Ebay but they tried to put the blame on UPS or PayPal.  I had to show them that both PayPal and UPS gave consistent values of $63 and it was in fact Ebay’s  shipping Calculation program that was off.   After, 25 minutes off waiting on hold they admitted that UPS recently changed their rates and Ebay did not know about it so they did not update their website software.    It’s clear that  I was the first one to notify Ebay of their program error and by doing so I am sure I saved them at least  thousands of dollars.   After all, Ebay makes up to $20 million dollars a day, that converts to  $833,333.00  an hour.

Here is where the cheap kicks in.  Even though they owed me $20, for technical reasons they could only give me back $15(Ebay’s cut call FVF).   To compensate me for my troubles and cover the final $5, they offered me a $25 coupon good for a month that they would Emailed to me within the day.   I thought $25 was cheap considering what losses they might of faced – I’d say $100 would have been more appropriate but I got my pride so I would never ask for a penny more than whats owed me, namely $5 bucks.  I don’t ask for tips nor name the price, but it’s fair to expect an appropriate amount.   Anyway, I said OK and waited for an Email that never came.

I called Ebay again the next day and asked about the coupon.   Miraculously, they found a way to credit my account  $5 and just as surprising, the  coupon promised to me the day before  suddenly became in questionable status.  This time they said coupons are not normally given to members for such reason and the issue has been sent to an approval department.   They would Email me their decision.    So , after 2 days of fighting to get back my money, three hours on the phone of which one hour I was on hold and  arguing to convince these people their website has a glitch that is costing them thousands in reimbursements, it looks like they are not going to compensate me at all – not even a $25 coupon that they promised to me a day before.  This from a company that makes 10~20 million dollars of net profit a day.




Fileom & Ryushare are Rip Off. Don’t get either!

June 15, 2014


Many people already know that the owner of Ryushare  went to jail and the service was stopped.  After being down for 2 months, Ryushare is back online again, but they well not extend the expiration date even though it was their fault their service was down!   I bought a 3 months premium membership yet only was able to use 1 month because the service was down for 2 months.   I tried to contact them but my Emails are returned on deliverable.



I purchased premium service with fileom because their service offers 100GB download per day.  It turns out, if they think you used too much bandwidth, they disconnect you from their servers.  In my case, for 3 days!

All ‘m doing is downloading many seasons of HDTV shows.  The total size for the shows will be something like 200GB; since I get 100GB per day it should be do-able in 2 days.   Furthermore,  I can’t download 100GB in a day because I share my connection with several household members.  I am capped at 750 KB/s.   A little calculation will show that I cannot exceed 61.8GB a day.   So why did they disable my service?  I am trying to contact them but they are not returning my Email.



Live Out Load

July 28, 2013

Live Out Load (Lyrics: author unknown)

I see you hanging with your school friends
talking about studying on friday night.
You need to go out and have a good time,
party til the morning light.
Cause it can’t be wrong when it feels so right.

come on come on
all together now
Get up get up
I can show you how to move your feet
dance to the beat, yeah!

The world is spinning so are we
hold on tight and follow me

come on come on
all together now
you got to live out load
got to live out load

You spend your nights alone
texting on your cell phone
wasting all your precise time
you should be hanging with the cool kids
breaking all the rules. did you know,
it’s really a crime
to live the way your living. 
Can you read the time

come on come on
all together now
Get up get up
I can show you how to move your feet
dance to the beat, yeah!

The world is spinning so are we
hold on tight and follow me

come on come on
all together now
we got to live out load
got to live out load
we got to live out load
we got to live out load

We’ll look back on this one day
memories will fade away
hold on we’ll make this one stay

come together join the crowd
get up stand up live out load!

come on come on
all together now
Get up get up
I can show you how to move your feet
dance to the beat, yeah!

come on come on
all together now
Get up get up
I can show you how to move your feet
dance to the beat, yeah!

you got to live out load.

Succulents.us a big rip off

July 17, 2013

After purchasing from them for three years, I’ve finely decided to stop.   There plants are in extremely bad condition when they arrive.     they are very reluctant to give you a refund and you have to pay for the shipping back.   Their inventory is very small for a nursery and they are frequently out of stock on items.  Note, out of stock for them means they will not have the item for a half a year to several years.


If you are interested in rare Cactus or xerophytes, try any of the fine online stores out there.  I think Aridlands.com is a great example of what an online nursery should be like.

reproofing Wax: how to make at home.

January 14, 2010

Reproofing wax for oilskins is very expensive.  I’ve been researching on how to make my own for cheap.  Here is basically what  I’ve learned across so far.  Please note that I haven’t made any yet so anyone interested in experimenting with this recipe is welcome to it.  Let, me know how it comes out.

1/2 pound wax(bee’s wax or paraffin)

1/2 quart raw linseed oil

1/2 quart turpintine


1/2 cup orange oil( for smell)

1/2 cup pine tar(? helps keep wax soft when cold? not sure.)

Heat the linseed oil and melt wax into oil.  This should be done outdoors with care since both are flammable ingredients.  A double boiler might be helpful.   Once all wax is melted, remove from heat and add turpentine to mixture.  Add optional ingredients now if desired.  The proportions aren’t exact.  More wax gives better protection and a stiffer coat while more linseed oil offers less stiffness but less protection.   Turpentine helps thin the mixture but requires more outdoor airing time(Your coat is going to smell heavily of turpentine.)   Also,  wax need not be food grade.  you can save a lot of money by buying unprocessed bee’s wax.

How to Apply:

place reproofing container into boiling water until reproofing wax melts.  brush on thinly  in small sections of the coat.  go over the whole coat with a blow dryer to melt the wax thoroughly into coat.  Let air for a few days outdoors out of the rain until smell is acceptable and .  A warm place away from direct sunlight is good.


I got around to making some reproofing oil. I edited the recipe after reading all I can online about reproofing formulas.  thre current forumla is:

2 part Boiled Linseed oil

2 part mineral oil( available at drug store )

2 part paraffin wax( available at supermarket as parowax)

1 part mineral spirits(paint thinner)

1/2 part vitamin E oil( available at drug store )

How to make:

I did this in the kitchen with windows fully open and kitchen door open because I was afraid of fumes. actually there wasn’t much fumes and I think the open window would have been enough.  I boil the stuff over the stove top burner in a old coffee can.  I found it no more dangerous than frying chicken but do so at own risk.  First, put linseed oil  and paraffin wax in pot/container and place over medium heat.  The wax melts faster if its been cut up into peaces.  Once wax melts.  take off heat and stir in other ingredients.  The stuff will be very watery, don’t let that fool you. it will dry hard.  After its cooled enough, poor it into a container that’s low and wide so you can scoop your hand into the container later.  To use, place container in sink of hot water for a few minutes.  This will melt the mixture enough for use. or place container in boiling water for a few minutes.

The above wax works fine but smells and is some what greasy.  I heard store bought ones do too.  But I think I can make one better and cheaper than the store stuff.  My next try will not use linseed oil or paint thinner at all.  New formula:

1 part mineral oil

1 part paraffin wax

1/4 part vitamin E oil

1/4 part lanolin

As soon as my shipment of lanolin comes in i’ll make a new batch.

About tincloth Oilskin dusters and coats

November 22, 2009

Oilskin, tincloth or cotton duck are names for canvas treated with a mixture of wax and oil.  This was the water proof clothing before the advent of  synthetic materials.  One reasons synthetics have taken over is because  oilskin is very heavy and doesn’t breath well and also absorbs water so takes a while to dry out – the person wearing the coat doesn’t get wet.   On the positive side oilskin is much tougher than ant synthetic so it last longer and protects the wearer better.  One company famous for tincloth jackets is Filsons.  they have been around a long time and have built a reputation for quality.  They are also very expensive – at this writing jackets averaged $300.00~$500.00

Another popular coat is the oilskin duster.     I recently purchased a Sedona duster for $45.00 I’d say the price is about right. the quality is less than a Driza-bone or Outback Trading companies. The material is thinner and not well coated with wax. However, it is a much lighter coat than the other two so for those not wanting a real Aussie duster for the outdoors, but instead want something to wear in the city, then this Sedona duster is perfect.  Between the driza-Bone and Outback, Driza-Bone is the heavier tougher coat.   both the Outback Trading Co and Driza-Bone are Australian companies  while Sedona is American.  A few other companies worth noteing: The Fox Fire / Outback  Trails Co is actually Canadian while the Sydney Oilskin collection Co is based in the UK.