Fileom & Ryushare are Rip Off. Don’t get either!


Many people already know that the owner of Ryushare  went to jail and the service was stopped.  After being down for 2 months, Ryushare is back online again, but they well not extend the expiration date even though it was their fault their service was down!   I bought a 3 months premium membership yet only was able to use 1 month because the service was down for 2 months.   I tried to contact them but my Emails are returned on deliverable.



I purchased premium service with fileom because their service offers 100GB download per day.  It turns out, if they think you used too much bandwidth, they disconnect you from their servers.  In my case, for 3 days!

All ‘m doing is downloading many seasons of HDTV shows.  The total size for the shows will be something like 200GB; since I get 100GB per day it should be do-able in 2 days.   Furthermore,  I can’t download 100GB in a day because I share my connection with several household members.  I am capped at 750 KB/s.   A little calculation will show that I cannot exceed 61.8GB a day.   So why did they disable my service?  I am trying to contact them but they are not returning my Email.





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