Ebay Customer service Cheap! Unbelieveable Penny pinchers! Don’t sell on Ebay!

Recently I sold an item on Ebay.   I used their built in UPS shipping calculator which came out to $43 for the buyer.  I went to print out the shipping label but it now cost $63!  I called Ebay but they tried to put the blame on UPS or PayPal.  I had to show them that both PayPal and UPS gave consistent values of $63 and it was in fact Ebay’s  shipping Calculation program that was off.   After, 25 minutes off waiting on hold they admitted that UPS recently changed their rates and Ebay did not know about it so they did not update their website software.    It’s clear that  I was the first one to notify Ebay of their program error and by doing so I am sure I saved them at least  thousands of dollars.   After all, Ebay makes up to $20 million dollars a day, that converts to  $833,333.00  an hour.

Here is where the cheap kicks in.  Even though they owed me $20, for technical reasons they could only give me back $15(Ebay’s cut call FVF).   To compensate me for my troubles and cover the final $5, they offered me a $25 coupon good for a month that they would Emailed to me within the day.   I thought $25 was cheap considering what losses they might of faced – I’d say $100 would have been more appropriate but I got my pride so I would never ask for a penny more than whats owed me, namely $5 bucks.  I don’t ask for tips nor name the price, but it’s fair to expect an appropriate amount.   Anyway, I said OK and waited for an Email that never came.

I called Ebay again the next day and asked about the coupon.   Miraculously, they found a way to credit my account  $5 and just as surprising, the  coupon promised to me the day before  suddenly became in questionable status.  This time they said coupons are not normally given to members for such reason and the issue has been sent to an approval department.   They would Email me their decision.    So , after 2 days of fighting to get back my money, three hours on the phone of which one hour I was on hold and  arguing to convince these people their website has a glitch that is costing them thousands in reimbursements, it looks like they are not going to compensate me at all – not even a $25 coupon that they promised to me a day before.  This from a company that makes 10~20 million dollars of net profit a day.





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