HH Agency – Sterling Insurance a rip off

  Horrible company. Wouldn’t pay me my money after uninsured motorist hit me even though I have that coverage. For a whole year they didn’t pay or answer my telephone calls.  When I finally got in touch with an agent,  he said there is no maximum time limit and that until he got in touch with the other driver and confirmed they did not have insurance at the time of the accident, HH Agency would not pay me.  Finally I contacted the Better Business Bureau and within a week I got a check in the mail.   However, as payback goes they jacked my rates from $67 a month to $75 even though the accident was clearly not my fault.  I should have changed companies then when I realized this company lacks character but I was too lazy, this was my big mistake.

  Recently my car died so I bought a good used 2010 Pontiac Vibe and while registering the car at AAA, I got a quote from them($130 first payment then $117 for a year).   It’s important to note that AAA are not known for bargain priced insurance. I told HH Agency that  I sold my old car to the junkyard and purchased another car in its place.  I asked HH Agency for a quote thinking the simplest way would be too stay with the same insurance and just switch cars.   However, their quote was a ridicules $20 a month more than AAA($137 a month) plus the first payment had to be a whopping $180! So instead of staying with HH I canceled my policy and switched to AAA. Now, I get a letter from HH saying I have to pay $50 fee for early cancellation because my policy ends on 5/05/17.


Steer away from HH Agancy AKA Sterling Insurance.    They may seem to offer the lowest price but look carefully at what you get.   On a point for point match up, they can’t even offer a lower price than AAA.  Also, customer service is none existent.


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